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Switching Estate Agents - all you need to know to get it right!

Still marooned on the market months after setting sail for a sale? It’s time for a switcheroo! Check out our top tips on switching agents!

  1. Do a Ross: list your agent’s good and bad points. Make the decision to switch with your head, not your heart.

  2. Examine your agreement for exclusivity clauses and minimum terms. Contact your agent to see if you can terminate sooner, given notice.

  3. Get researching - , examine online reviews, ask neighbours to share their experiences of local agents.

  4. Score potential agents on the quality and quantity of information shared with and sought from you on a ‘mystery shop’. Call up and inquire about a property they are selling. Are they helpful, informative and engaged?

  5. Make it personal. How well do they put you at ease? Remember, these are the same people who will be marketing your property to strangers. Are they welcoming professional, courteous, knowledgeable? First impressions count.

  6. Grill them on their achieved asking price success rate. How often do they complete a sale for the original sale price?

  7. Pin the agent down on the fee. Are they upfront and honest? If their fee is above 1.5% plus Vat, what evidence of success have they to justify this higher cost?

  8. What does their property portfolio look like? Have they successfully sold similar homes to yours recently? Or does their niche lie elsewhere?

  9. Find out their average market-to-sale times. If you’re switching estate agent, it’s because you want to sell, fast!

If you’re thinking about switching estate agents, drop us a line at, call us for a chat on 01945 588111 or for out of hours chats, call 07545674834 and lets find the best way to get you moving.

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