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Our top home styling accessories for 2021

What do we see as the key trends for the New Year?

The country is back in lockdown. You might feel it’s the perfect time to make some styling changes and make your home even more special before a sale.

Maybe you want to repaint the living room after seeing that stunning interior picture on Pinterest, or you could even be looking for some upcycling inspiration.

So, what are the key styling trends this year? How can they inspire you in your home?

Trends come and go. Some stay, some are fleeting memories. You might love some and ignore others.

One thing’s for sure – when you are selling your home, they are something you need to consider.

First, let’s look back on 2020.

The biggest trend last year was dark walls – the darker the better. Navy blues and off-blacks being the colours of choice in many homes.

Picture shelves were also a key feature, allowing art to be styled in interesting ways. Plants and hanging greenery brought new life to rooms by adding a fresh look.

Many Insta-worthy bedrooms showed fully-panelled walls, dusty pinks, foliage-inspired art and contrasting colour palettes.

The freestanding bath featured frequently in the 2020 bathroom alongside vintage style black and white patterned floor tiles and white brick tiles. And when it came to kitchen trends, it was all about the Shaker style with islands, mirroring the dark paint trends.

Since the UK is in Lockdown 3.0, now is the perfect time to explore the latest home styling trends for when you decide to sell your home. But what will they be?

Well, 2021 will keep a darker palette. Blue is still the go-to colour, but it will become lighter and more varied in shade throughout the house.

Kitchen cabinets, feature walls and full rooms will feature blue heavily. If you’re looking for inspiration, think Farrow & Ball ‘Stiffkey Blue’.

Bold, floral wallpaper will be a key trend this coming year. The previously-seen, much smaller floral motifs will be replaced with daring, enticing prints.

Multiple textures such as hessian rugs, sheepskin and wool will give a cosy feeling of Hygge and a modern, yet vintage edge.

Kitchens will take on a more casual look in 2021.

Trends point to freestanding open shelves, giving a relaxed vibe. Glassware and vintage accessories will stand on kitchen shelves – pieces to be admired, not hidden away behind cupboard doors.

The Scandi aesthetic will dominate 2021, with rattan and wicker furniture moving back inside. Large glass doors will open a room up and allow it to expand room past its four walls. Furniture like a Scandi-inspired hanging chair will help complete the look.

What trends will you use to style your home when you decide to move this year?

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