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Changing Seasons!

The weather has definitely turned - the rain came down and it kept on coming. Now is the time the heating starts to click on, and the winter coats get taken out of the cupboards for another year - if you are lucky, you might find some money in the pockets!

It is harder finding a home at this time of year as the weather makes everything look more miserable, but on a positive, if you love a house in the wind and the rain, just imagine how much you will love it when the sun is shining.

This year, not only have we got the weather to contend with (standing outside of a property, waiting for a buyer to show up is no fun in the rain), but we also have the dreaded B word. Whether we like it or not, it has impacted upon the housing market - people are more cautious - BUT, whatever is going on in the world and in our country, people do still need to move. We have noticed our buyers from down south are taking longer to sell their properties, so if they have a buyer, they are finding a new home quickly so they keep that buyer. People are making lower offers at the moment but it is important to not dismiss them - it can be relative if you manage to get the one you want reduced as well - remember to talk it through with your agent and get them to help you negotiate with the agent of the one you wish to buy. It is a team effort to get you moved.

Now is the time to get those marketing prices realigned with the current market so that you can capture activity for the remainder of the year - have a chat with your agent and see what plans you can come up with - maybe some new photos of your home or an open house?

People are still buying and the market is still moving, investors are still investing, so do not let the media (or the weather) get you down!

If you are looking to sell and want to talk through your current marketing strategy, please do call us on 01945 588111 to arrange a marketing meeting.

Have a lovely Halloween - then we are on the road to the C word .......ssshhhhh!

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