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The saga of "Ely House, Wisbech"

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

There has been lots of press about this beautiful building recently, after it has had 2 fires in a short space of time. Luckily, it does appear the fires have been in the outbuildings and not the main house and no-one was hurt. It is such a shame that this building has been left to get to such a state. It got me thinking about how it went on the market back in 2017, and at the time, I stated publicly that it was for too much money as it needed a lot of work doing to it. It appears that not only was it priced too highly, there were also issues (which are apparently ongoing) between the owners. This really does bring me to pointing out how important it is to maintain your property as much as you possibly can - this will help it to sell much easier when the time comes for you to move. Pricing is also incredibly important - particularly in a more difficult market. Do your own research before putting your property on the market and work with your chosen agent to ensure you get the right pricing that works with your own goals. I do hope that the owners of Ely House manage to get everything resolved soon and someone can purchase it and bring it back to life!

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