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Brambles and broken shoes.......all in a days work!

Brambles and sandals do not mix!

You know those days when everything seems to go wrong? Yep, well I had one of those this week. The day started off really well with a couple of sales confirmed, so off I trotted to my appointment. Everything was going great, and out I headed to the garden, to take some lovely pictures. Now, this property has a "secret garden" beyond the family garden, and the current owners do not use it very much and were in the process of getting it cleared. I really wanted some pictures of this area, so proceeded to head through the pathway. With the combination of beautiful sunshine and torrential rain, the brambles had got a teeny bit wild - me being me, I pushed on through in my long dress and sandals. Got to a bit of a point where I could not go any further, so asked the vendor to get me some cutters. Cutters in hand, I went further through, cutting back as I went - brambles attacking me with a vengeance. Got the pictures I wanted and all was good. Upon leaving the property I realised I needed fuel, so stopped off at the petrol station. Putting fuel in, I felt a very sharp pain in my foot - ouch! Looking down I realised I had a bramble tangled on the bottom of my dress and in my shoe (between the sole and my skin! Double ouch. Being very gentle with my dress I pulled at the bramble - great stuff, I did not rip the dress. Um, not so great, I had pulled the bramble with such force from my shoe, I ended up ripping the top part of the sandal away from the sole - now I had to go and pay for fuel and i still had a thorn stuck in my foot! With no other option, off I limped to pay for my fuel and back again. Got in my car thinking "now I need to be careful with driving - I know, I will take my shoe off". Put my foot on the pedal, ouch again - the pedal is metal and it was HOT - VERY HOT! So now I have a thorn in my foot and it is burnt! At this point, I called the office, made them laugh hysterically at my traumatic experience, and told them I was going home, as there was no way I was limping from the car park to the office - I get the distinct impression that made them very happy - harsh! Got home and the shoes promptly went in the rubbish and I stuck my foot in a bowl of cold water.

The good news is, we already have viewings booked on this lovely house - click on the link below for the details and to see pictures of the offending brambles!

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