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Beautiful people, beautiful sunflowers!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Very Tall Sunflowers!

Some days, you can wonder why you do this job - what with people not turning up to appointments, down valuations, bad surveys, people not agreeing to dates etc, but then you have moments that happen that remind you exactly why you do it. Today, I met with a lovely, mature couple who are looking to downsize from their large 4 bed bungalow. They are doing so because the lady has Osteoporosis and also been recently diagnosed with Parkinsons. I had a lovely conversation with them and made them laugh and feel much happier about their forthcoming move. When we went out into the garden, they had the most amazing sunflowers. They immediately made me think of a lady I know, who uses a sunflower as her emblem for her business as it reminds her of her Dad who had passed away. I happened to mention this to the chap, so when we came inside, he promptly went back outside, cut down one of his precious sunflowers, and gave it to me to give to her. How beautiful is that? I popped it in a vase ready for her and took a snap and posted it on Facebook - turns out today is the anniversary of her Dad passing away. Sometimes, the universe works in mysterious but magical ways. Before I left the couples home, they both told me how refreshing it had been sitting talking to me and thanked me for making them laugh, for the compassion and understanding I had shown to them with regards to their fears and their health, and that it had been the nicest experience with an estate agent they had ever had. Today was a good day and makes you remember that despite the bad things that can happen, just a few kind words and actions can make all the difference.

Happy Flower!

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